I am enjoying watching the pageantry of the Olympics opening ceremony so this is going to be swift and sweet.

I love the creativity of the show – I love that it’s so unique. I also love the players are real looking people and not the most beautiful, the most polished, the most picture perfect. Canada has done an excellent job and I’m so proud to be her closest neighbor.

I cried when Georgia’s contingent walked into the arena.

I found some skiing terms submitted by Brian Lundberg I copied off the internet in 2003 that I’m going to use for my blog in the interest of time. The torch is coming in 7 minutes!

Alp: One of a number of ski mountains in Europe. Also a shouted request for assistance made by a European.

Bones: There are 206 in the human body. No need for dismay, however, the two bones of the middle ear have never been broken while skiing.

Gloves: Designed to be tight around the wrist to restrict circulation, but no so close fitting as to allow any manual dexterity; they should also admit moisture from the outside without permitting any dampness within to escape.

Nuts: Male area, prone to painful damage when skiing over small trees.

SKI: A shout to alert people ahead that a loose ski is coming down the hill. Another warning skiers should be familiar with is “Avalanche!” (which tells everyone that a hill is coming down the hill).

Skier: One who pays an arm and a leg for the opportunity to break them.

Thor: The Scandinavian god of acheth and painth.

I’ll close with this last pun, which has nothing to do with athletes or the Olympics, but I neglected to add last night:

In theory, housebreaking your dog is a good idea, but I warn you, it won’t look good on paper.

The torch is coming!!!!